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Real Estate services

Ibrahimi & Associates may advise and assist its Clients in the following main areas of practice:

+ Brokerage:
We provide brokerage services related to real estate transactions.
Our firm has established its own Real Estate agency and therefore we can provide the best profitable opportunities in Real Estate investments throughout Albania.
Send us a short e-mail with your requests and within 48 hours you should receive a detailed report with the best opportunities

+ Real Estate Due diligence:

Due Diligence procedures are considered absolutely necessary in order to safely purchase a property in Albania. Real Estate Due Diligence comprises:
• Complete legal assistance in starting up an LLC in order to purchase Real Estate in Albania;
• Contract reviewing and negotiation with the developer or seller;
• In-depth Due Diligence Report, which includes: checking the property for possible mortgages, loans, fiscal debts etc.; checking if under on-going litigations; verification of property title, topographical documents and other information relating to future development; checking the occupation coefficient: what percentage of the land can be built upon; drafting the preliminary agreement, contract and other documents as may be necessary;
• Assistance and representation in front of the public notary when the pre-sale, sale or other agreement is signed.
Note: This is not a complete list of procedures for the fulfilment of a due diligence process.

+ Contracts and contract reviewing:

In order to purchase or transfer real estate rights in Albania, you should enter into an Agreement drawn up in front of a Notary Public, which after being executed shall be registered with the competent office managing the real estate registry. In Albania is happening occasionally that such agreements are drawn up in disregard of legal requirements and thus they may be void or voidable. In order to avoid such occurrences we strongly recommend you to get the necessary legal advices.

+ Property registration:

Such services comprise carrying out all legal procedures to register title deeds as well as any other necessary documents, applications for changes in registration as well as any other proceeding related with the Immovable Property Registration Office.

+ Real estate litigation, taxation and other services:

• Providing legal counselling and assistance in settle issues involving the acquiring and exercise of the ownership right and/or other real estate right for land and buildings as well as tax issues related to real estate transactions;
• Assisting and representing to public authorities for obtaining documents related to land and buildings legal status;
• Assisting and representing to public authorities for obtaining the certificates and licenses requested for developing building projects;
• Drawing up legal opinions concerning the issues related to the ownership or usage right for land and buildings;
• Representing our clients in front of a court of law or any other authorities for claim lawsuits and carrying out reinstatement procedures.

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